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The 12V Battery to Battery Charger from Sterling is a compact and reliable system. Simply connect a B2B unit between the battery being charged, or an alternator, and the battery you wish to charge, for full 4-stage charging between 5-20 times faster than just a stand-alone alternator.


  • Very simple to install – no complex wiring required
  • 9 Pre-set battery chemistry options including AGM, LiFePO4, Gel, flooded & sealed lead acid
  • Turns on at 13.6V and off at 13.3V – thus does not drain input battery
  • Boost / Reduce Charging – ensures batteries get the correct charging profile irrespective of high or low input voltages
  • 3 Activation Modes – Automatic (default), Ignition feed with timer, Ignition feed without timer
  • 100% fire proof plastic casing
  • No screws to corrode
  • Thermal power reduction
  • Multi stage fan cooling
  • Dynamic thermal charging – charging voltage fluctuates based on the temperature sensor (sensor included)
  • Night Time Setting: Allows the unit to run at half the power so the fan noise is kept down

Size/Capacity Available:

Force 4 P/No: 130099-0368 (Sterling Power P/No: BB1230)

  • 12V In, 12V Out
  • Current 30A input
  • Size: L190 x W160 x D50mm,
  • Weight: 1.2kg 
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