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Professional metal hose reels developed by the Pure Freedom team specifically for the Window Cleaning industry 

Unlike other hose reels repurposed from other industries, the Pure Freedom Professional Hose Reels are designed on the back of a wealth of industry experience, to stand up to day-to-day Window Cleaning

These reels are a one-piece welded frame, a one-piece drum and the bearing blocks are bolted into position to allow easy adjustment. The drive side has an adjustable bearing to allow adjustment to prevent 'over spooling', and an extra strong metal winding handle. 

Each reel is supplied bare or with a high quality triple-layered Window Cleaning hose. This hose is durable, flexible, and lightweight - a perfect match for our Professional Hose Reels. 

  • Manufactured by a UK engineering Company

  • Designed and built specifically for the Window Cleaning industry

  • shipped fully assembled

  • One-piece steel frame, tough winding metal handle

  • Heavy duty solid stainless steel centre, spindle, and bearings

  • Brass male hoselock type inlet connector

  • Includes outlet hose adapter to fit 8mm ID hose


Construction: Powder Coated Steel

Capacity: 100m x 8mm (12.5mm) ID Hose

Height: 505mm

Width: 510mm

Length: 395mm

Weight: 6.9kg without hose / 18.7kg with 100m x 8mm ID hose

Max Working Pressure: 100psi (at 20°c

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