IBC 1000L Tank & Static Reverse Osmosis System




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A complete high volume water purification system and 1000 Litre IBC storage tank. This kit includes a 4 stage purification system consisting of: sediment filter, carbon block filter, reverse osmosis membrane and a DI Vessel.

Each purification system includes a shut off valve that will detect when the tank is full and electronically control the valve. This shut off is system is powered by mains power though you can also connect it to a 12v leisure battery.

This system can be supplied with an optional booster pump. Pure water production increases massively when used with a booster pump. A waste to pure ratio of 1:1 can often be achieved and the output TDS of the membrane drops significantly thereby increasing the life of your DI resin. If you choose the booster pump option, this will be supplied with a Digital Booster Pump Controller. This will provide assurance that the booster pump will not 'run dry'. Once the tank is filled with water, the controller will shut off the pump. Once the tank is emptied, the controller will automatically commence the production of water. This allows you to be able to forget about your water production and not run the risk of overflow/running dry.

  • Very easy to use and maintain

  • Includes purification system & 1000 Litre IBC tank and frame

  • High volumes of production for professional Window Cleaning

  • Includes a 6.5 litre DI Vessel

  • Manufactured by us in-house

  • Fully assembled and ready to work

  • Each unit includes the following: 2 x 20″ Pre-filters and Housings, 1 x 40'' Reverse Osmosis Membrane and Stainless Steel Housing

  • Includes  Glycerine fiIled Pressure Gauge

  • Please note: This item is delivered on a pallet and may take 7-10 days 

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