The FM35HC is suitable for controlling larger pumps.

  • Protects your pump
  • Use less water
  • Improve battery life
  • Work longer
  • Increase efficiency

A more powerful and flexible controller:

  • Ideally suited to Softwashing and Softwashing Rinse Down
  • Suitable for pumps from 10-35A
  • Suitable for voltages from 11-15V

New unique technology in these Pure Freedom controllers includes:


The advanced pump drive system runs the pump much more smoothly and quietly, and extends its life. With the V16, pumps can be driven slower, faster and harder than ever before.


Thanks to the new pump control technology, the pump is monitored with far greater precision, saving water and energy, and offering faster and more accurate dead end protection.


Incorporating features such as dead end detection, pressure switch shutdown, over current detection and short circuit detection, the V16 protects the whole system and helps save power and water.