Compact Reverse Osmosis Systems




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A cost effective means to produce pure water; these units each include 3 x 10'' pre-filters comprising a sediment filter, a carbon block filter and a granular activated carbon (G.A.C.) filter for full membrane protection, plus high quality reverse osmosis membranes.

Each system is rated according to its maximum output, measured in 'gallons per day'. Available options are 200 gpd, 300gpd & 450gpd - each with an optional booster pump & 10'' DI filter. 

The units are fully self contained and ready to go out of the box, with a 1/2″ (garden hose) inlet fitting supplied for you to plug it straight into ‘garden’ type hose and begin producing.

  • Please note: actual output can vary depending on area, input water pressure and water quality

  • These RO units will need to be operated in conjunction with a DI Vessel (or filter) to produce 100% pure water.

  • The systems come pre-assembled and full operating instructions are included.

  • Each system comes as a complete RO system or complete with a 10''  DI Filter & booster pump, mounted on a frame. 
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