Introducing the Professional Wheeled Hose Reels

Unlike hose reels repurposed from other industries, our Pure Freedom Hose Reels are designed on the back of a wealth of industry experience, to stand up to the rigours of day-to-day Window Cleaning. 

Our goal is to produce high quality equipment that stands the test of time. When you pick up a Pure Freedom product, you don't get loose fittings or the rattle of something poorly put together - you get the unmistakeable sturdiness of something that is built to last. 

professional wheeled reel

The long handle design makes this hose reel comfortable and well balanced, so it's easy to manoeuvre even in tight spaces single handedly.

professional wheeled reel

Each Hose Reel is produced by our team at Pure Freedom, using tough components and heavy duty materials, ensuring each part of the reel from the frame to the winding handle is built-to-last.

Professional Wheeled Reel

Each reel has a solid steel centre, spindle, and bearings, and is finished with a smooth swivelling brass inlet, from strength and longevity. 

Our professional wheeled hose reels are available in a powder coated or stainless steel finish and are supplied fully built either bare, or with 100m of high quality triple layered hose. 

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