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Water Softening

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  1. 10 kg Softener Regeneration Salt-616
    10 kg Softener Regeneration Salt
    10 kg of Hydrosoft Round Bead salt to regenerate your water softener with.
    Price: £12.67
  2. Complete Water Softener Kit with 10kg of Salt-615
    Complete Water Softener Kit with 10kg of Salt
    Ready to go out the box, this kit is designed to be used in hard water areas to extend the life of your reverse osmosis system.
    Price: £159.53
  3. Softener Resin 25 Lt bag-1364
    Softener Resin 25 Lt bag
    Softener Resin 25 Litre Bag Please note this Resin is for use with the Softener Resin only.
    Price: £65.33
  4. SoftH²0 – FLO Automatic Water Softner-1347
    SoftH²0 – FLO Automatic Water Softner
    Stylish, compact, ready to install water softner units with integral flow meter that saves money on salt and water.
    Price: Call for Price
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Water softeners remove contaminants and pollutants from the water. They also remove calcium deposits, taking out the 'hardness' in hard water areas. Water softeners are essential for any professional window cleaner. As they supply the best possible water that gets the best results.

A large presence of calcium carbonite is what makes water 'hard'. Some parts of the country, such as the east of England, have much harder water than others.

If water isn't softened and treated, it can make the window cleaner's life very difficult. Mainly by leaving streaks, unsightly deposits, and stains behind on glass surfaces. This is why it is so important in the industry to use pure, high-quality water.

The water softening equipment we have effectively reduces the hardness of the water to zero. Without getting too scientific, water softeners work by utilising the 'ion exchange process'. As water passes over a water softener resin, the hard minerals are swapped out for a softer equal: sodium. This process happens in an instant without disrupting the flow of the water or its pressure. The water softening salt is what provides the sodium in this exchange.

Browse our selection of water softening equipment, for the purest high-quality water. And don't forget to Contact Us if you have any questions.