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  1. Blade fuse holder-426
    Blade fuse holder
    Blade Fuse Holder
    Price: £1.04
  2. Battery and Charger Connector-1186
    Battery and Charger Connector
    Purefreedom trolley Battery and Charge connector
    Price: £5.00
  3. batbox
    Battery 12V 110amp Leisure Battery Holding Box Large
    Battery Box suitable for 110ah Batteries Dimensions : 27.5cm, 23.5cm, 45cm
    Price: £21.15
  4. 12V 4amp Battery Charger (White)-1316
    12V 4amp Battery Charger
    A 4 amp 3 stage intelligent charger that allows you to simply plug in and forget - no need to disconnect when battery is charged and no danger of 'cooking' your battery.
  5. CTEK MXS 3.8 Battery Charger-1407
    CTEK MXS 3.8 Battery Charger
    Auto: Fully automatic for optimal charging 12V: For all lead-acid batteries
    Price: £63.18
  6. CTEK MXS 5.0 Battery Charger-1399
    CTEK MXS 5.0 Battery Charger
    MXS 5.0 battery charger
    Price: £73.39
  7. CTEK  MXS 7.0 Battery Charger-1411
    CTEK MXS 7.0 Battery Charger

    The MXS 7.0 is a fully automatic 8-step charger that delivers 7A to 12V batteries from 14–150Ah and is suitable for maintenance charging up to 225Ah.

    The charger is IP 65 classified (splash and dust proof), designed to protect vehicle electronics and non-sparking, reverse polarity protected and short-circuit proof.

    Price: £122.02
  8. CTEK MXS 10 Battery Charger-1403
    CTEK MXS 10 Battery Charger
    CTEK MXS 10 Battery Charger
    Price: £146.67
  9. CTEK Comfort Light indicator-1319
    CTEK Comfort Light indicator
    COMFORT INDICATOR uses a simple ‘traffic light’ system to show state of charge of your battery.
    Price: £8.99
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