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Squeegee Handles

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Squeegee handles built to serve contemporary window cleaners

Squeegees have come a long way since their invention in the Middle Ages. Fishermen used an early form of the squeegee to clean boat decks of debris. Something even mentioned in the classic novel Moby Dick. (If all this sounds strange, remember the glass window wasn't invented until the seventeenth century.) It was well into the 1930s when the squeegee was 'discovered'; by window cleaning professionals. Fast forward almost another century, to today, and things have improved a lot more still.

Contemporary squeegee handles are the embodiment of these improvements. Built to precision; finding that perfect balance in weight and comfort. The best squeegee handles have a fine-tuned swivel control, with an adjustable tension. This feature allows it to extend and for the user to operate the squeegee in awkward, hard to reach areas. This feature allows for the effortless cleaning of odd-shaped glass and other 'unfriendly' surfaces. Modern squeegee handles feature either a bi-component handle or a non-slip texture. Indented shapes and finger grooves mould the handle in such a way that it continues to provide an excellent and reliable grip. Even in cold and wet conditions.

At the heart of modern society is efficiency and speed. Today's squeegee handles are in built for quick-release, easy changing, and for easy repositioning. They are of industry-standard, designed for intensive, every day use. They won't break or bend in ordinary circumstances. Everything about their construction is about saving time, and making the window cleaner's job easier.

Squeegee handles are available in many widths and sizes, to serve the needs of the different lengths of squeegees. Although theirs is the story of change and development over the decades, some models are still in use and have earned classic status. The brass squeegee handle, of which Pure Freedom are proud to stock, has been a professional favourite in the industry for well over 70 years.

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