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  1. Unger ErgoTec Pocket Safety Scraper-1611
    Unger ErgoTec Pocket Safety Scraper
    Ergonomic Scraper with Safety Mechanism
    • Retractable 4cm Blade
    • Reversible Blades
    • Comes with rubber sleeve
    Price: £3.95
  2. Unger ErgoTec Safety Scraper Blades x5-1612
    Unger ErgoTec Safety Scraper Blades x5
    Replacement 4cm Blades to fit ErgoTec® Safety Scrapers
    Price: £2.25
  3. Unger ErgoTec® Glass Scraper 10cm-1613
    Unger ErgoTec® Glass Scraper 10cm
    Includes Blade with Protective Cap
    • Rubberised Composite Grip
    • Double-Edged Tempered Steel Blade
    • Sliding Push-Button Blade Change
    • Locks Securely to Unger ErgoTec® Poles
    Price: £9.99
  4. Unger ErgoTec® Scraper Blades x25-1614
    Unger ErgoTec® Scraper Blades x25
    Pack of 25 replacement blades for the Unger ErgoTec® Glass Scraper 10cm
    Price: £7.50
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Essential scrapers for the window cleaner’s toolbox

Pure Freedom currently stocks two types of scrapers and their blades: the Unger Ergotec Pocket Safety Scraper, and the Unger Ergotec Glass Scraper.

The Unger Ergotec Pocket Safety Scraper is a nifty little device. As the name suggests, this model has user safety in mind. It comes with a sturdy and durable retractable blade. It features a unique, rattle-free locking system to keep the blade fixed into place. Fitting and removing a new blade is easy: simply push down and it slots into place. It allows for a 4cm, stainless steel and lightweight blade. The green external rubber rise grip makes it comfortable and effortless to hold on the job -- particularly when hands are wet, cold and tired.

The Unger Ergotec Glass Scraper is best for cleaning operations that are less hands on. It anchors well on to any under pole with a locking cone, making it perfect for those hard to reach places. It has a double-edged, sharp steel blade to remove even the most stubborn resistance. It has a sturdy, bi-component handle with finger grooves for seamless comfort and easy grip. While the angled head of the scraper allows for efficiency and control of the cleaning process.

Our scrapers come supplied with a blade so Pure Freedom customers can get straight to work. We do sell replacements and bundle packages for each blade, and for great prices. We find it is best to make sure you have enough blades right away, to go about work unimpeded.

Window cleaning involves skill and the correct use of tools to get the job done to the highest standard. Got any questions about the scrapers and scraper blades that we offer here at Pure Freedom? Then please, don't hesitate to get in touch. We would love to hear from you. Drop us an email on, or telephone us on 0333 1234 365.