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Traditional Window Cleaning Equipment

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  1. Ecoshine indoor window cleaning kit 150cm reach c/w 4 pads-1396
    Ecoshine indoor window cleaning kit 150cm reach c/w 4 pads
    The Ecoshine Pro is a telescopic tool for cleaning indoor windows and other washable surfaces. It is sturdy, manoeuvrable and easy to use, combining the cleaning power of pure water and microfibre, to remove any kind of dirt from windows and other non-porous surfaces, with rapidity and minimal effort.
    Price: £280.90
  2. Facelift Fireblade Pro Bundle 14" or 18"-1608
    Fireblade Pro Bundle 14" or 18"
    Super Bargain! Exclusive PRO Bundle includes:
    • Unger ErgoTec® RED Bucket On A Belt
    • 14" or 18" FaceLift FireBLADE RED Squeegee
    • Includes 14" or 18" Unger 'S' Channel
    • Includes 14" or 18" RazrBLADE RED Rubber
    • 14" RED Unger StripWasher® T-Bar or
    • 18" GREY Unger StripWasher® T-Bar With
    • CUSTOM RED StripWasher® Sleeve
    • ErgoTec® Safety Scraper with 4cm Blade
    Available in 14" or 18"
    Price: £47.45 £44.17
  3. Heavy Duty Warning Cone-836
    Heavy Duty Warning Cone
    Adequate warning signs are now a must if you have hoses trailing along the floor. These heavy duty, high visibility warning cones are not at risk of falling over or being blown away by the wind but are easily portable and can be stacked.
    Price: £12.49
  4. Leather Belt Holster for Pole Hose Tap/Fittings-595
    Leather Belt Holster for Pole Hose Tap/Fittings
    Keep any fittings / taps you may have on your water fed pole hose conveniently close to hand and off the ground with this leather holster. Prevents damage, saves money, saves time!
    Price: £11.50
  5. Linen Scrim-576
    Linen Scrim
    Standard grade linen window scrim 36" x 36", hemmed for long life.
    Price: £6.40
  6. Microfibre Cloth 80cm x 60cm-1617
    Microfibre Cloth 80cm x 60cm
    Suitable for use on any surface - the Microfibre cloth is a polishing cloth. 80 x 60cm. Machine Washable Double Sided
    Price: £6.52
  7. Microfibre Glass Mop-984
    Microfibre Glass Pad
    Microfibre Glass Mop
    Price: £8.20
  8. Microfibre Scrub Mop-428
    Microfibre Scrub Pad
    Microfibre Scrub Mop
    Price: £8.20
  9. FaceLift® RazrBLADE RED Rubber 36"-1616
    RazrBLADE RED Rubber 36"
    Facelift RazrBlade Squeegee Rubber: Fits all standard squeegee channels, Can be cut to size
    Price: £3.57
  10. Unger ErgoTec Pocket Safety Scraper-1611
    Unger ErgoTec Pocket Safety Scraper
    Ergonomic Scraper with Safety Mechanism
    • Retractable 4cm Blade
    • Reversible Blades
    • Comes with rubber sleeve
    Price: £3.95
  11. Unger ErgoTec Safety Scraper Blades x5-1612
    Unger ErgoTec Safety Scraper Blades x5
    Replacement 4cm Blades to fit ErgoTec® Safety Scrapers
    Price: £2.25
  12. Unger ErgoTec® Glass Scraper 10cm-1613
    Unger ErgoTec® Glass Scraper 10cm
    Includes Blade with Protective Cap
    • Rubberised Composite Grip
    • Double-Edged Tempered Steel Blade
    • Sliding Push-Button Blade Change
    • Locks Securely to Unger ErgoTec® Poles
    Price: £9.99
  13. Unger ErgoTec® Scraper Blades x25-1614
    Unger ErgoTec® Scraper Blades x25
    Pack of 25 replacement blades for the Unger ErgoTec® Glass Scraper 10cm
    Price: £7.50
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Looking for traditional window cleaning equipment? Traditional window cleaning is indeed a skill in itself, and it takes years of practice to become a professional. If you want to upgrade your window cleaning equipment, make sure you shop in the best selection of Pure Freedom. Our Traditional equipment kit is straightforward to use so you don’t need to be a tradesman to use them, anyone can use these products to add a professional finish to your window.

The traditional window cleaning kit contains everything the window cleaner needs to do its job. These are the basic tools that anyone in the trade would benefit from using. We understand the importance of these basic items to tradesmen and are committed to making the highest quality equipment that is durable and cost-effective for you. 

Our wide range of traditional window equipment allows for smooth and easy service, with advantages such as cleaning effectiveness, high-quality material and tool production, multipurpose use, and sleek smooth product design. These are exceptional products that will greatly benefit you and your business. All of our products have passed quality checks and are approved for use straight away. 

 For more information on other products available click here 

Window Cleaning Kit for Professional Window Cleaners

We aim to provide all these essential equipment professional window cleaners need to clean windows and operate a successful service. Our high-quality window cleaning kit consists of: applicator tee bars, squeegee channels and rubbers, scrapers and blades, scrims and cloths, buckets, and telescopic poles.

We also provide equipment with your indoor window cleaning needs in mind. Our Ecoshine Pro is a 150 cm telescopic tool engineered specifically to help professional window cleaners easily access those hard-to-reach areas.

For information on our water fed pole systems click here 

Don’t forget to look at our other product pages for more expertly designed commercial window cleaning equipment. If you need any further information on our traditional range or would like to look at what else we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call on 0333 009 5354.