Once again the STREAMLINE® range is growing with the introduction of our new generation lightweight, lateral clamp 100% carbon fibre telescopic waterfed poles.

The XR100™ range of equipment is the first 100% Carbon pole for STREAMLINE®  with a lateral clamp telescopic pole design and offers ease of use, stiffness, reduced weight,  flexible brush and jet options compared to all previous ranges of poles – making window cleaning as easy as possible.

Some features and benefits,
  • Clamps can be configured to suit left hand or right hand operators
  • Lateral clamp tension can be adjusted without the need for tools, making it fast and easy to operate while you are out window cleaning.
  • The clamp arrangement on Section-1 allows brush heads to be easily interchangeable
  • The composite sections comprise of 100% high quality carbon fibre making the pole very light yet very stiff for added control.
  • The profiled base caps allow for egress of pole tubing whilst preventing the weight of the pole from squashing the tubing flat.
  • With six new lighter brush designs and easily positional pencil and fan jets the options are endless
  • Telescopic polls for easy extension and portability
Pole Specifications:
  • Pole Material: 100% Carbon Fibre
  • Number of Sections: 7
  • Minimum length: 1700mm
  • Maximum Length: 9700mm/32ft
  • Achievable Height: 35ft
  • Weight (pole only): 2.45kg
  • Angle Adapter : Plastic 6inch Adjustable or Carbon Fibre
  • Tubing: LITE -5®  Yellow – 11mtr
  • Please Note: No Brush Included

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Weight2 kg


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