Ecolite V2 is the latest development in the Streamline XTEL range of professional water fed poles. XTEL poles have proven themselves in the industry for many years now to become very highly regarded for quality and durability. We supply these poles as standard with our systems.

The Ecolite HXTEL is a robust and super lightweight carbon fibre pole making it the lightest and strongest in our range with the following features:

Contructed from the latest Ecolite Carbon Fibre high quality composite material and finished with an epoxy resin providing extra hard wearing capability.
Fitted with an extra tough Plasti-Butt base cap.
Polymer constructed XTEL clamp with dual left and right hand lever.
Fitted with a wear resistant collar at the top of the pole to connect to the brush.
Fitted with a 6″ extension adjustable angle adaptor as standard providing extra reach for deep sills etc.
Supplied with highly visible yellow, extra flexible braided pvc pole tubing providing suppleness and flex even in colder conditions.
Suitable for left or right handed individuals.
Ecolite HXTEL7650 Pole Specification:

Material: Ecolite Carbon Fibre Composite
No. of Sections: 5
Min. Collapsed Length: 1800mm (6ft)
Max. Extended Length: 7650mm (25ft)
Achievable Height*: 8550mm (28ft)
Approx Weight (Pole Only): 1.67kg
*Achievable height assumes an extra 3 feet gained by holding the pole at waist height. Colours may vary to that shown. Available with a selection of brush types and end connectors.

Additional information

Weight10 kg


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