We are proud to now offer our new Isothermal 2 Diesel fired water heaters for integration with water fed pole systems.

Heated water fed pole systems have recently become incredibly popular with professional window cleaners due to faster and more effective cleaning and therefore increased profitability, however many cleaners have been unable to reap these benefits due to the high cost of the heaters.

We at Pure Freedom have recognised this issue and developed the Isothermal systems which we believe to be the best value for money for a professionally constructed (and fitted where applicable) hot water unit.

Make no mistake however that despite the low price tag of our units they are of the highest standard, utilising the market leading diesel heater and heat exchangers and industrial standard construction by our experienced engineers.

The Isothermal units are available to purchase on their own, as part of our fitted water fed pole systems or as an after market add-on to your existing system, no matter what the manufacturer.

The units are fully self contained and come fully asssembled with all required pipes and cables to connect to the rest of your water fed pole system and your diesel fuel supply, however installation should not be taken lightly and professional consultation should be sought where appropriate.

It is worth bearing in mind that the construction of our units allows fine temperature control (as opposed to simply cold, warm and hot as on some systems), which allows the user to make the most efficient use of the heater.

At full power the larger 9Kw Iso 2 heater will use approximately 1 litre of diesel per hour.

Please note that the prices shown here are for the heater units only. We can provide full installation if required (usually this takes one day but may in exceptional circumstances run in to two days) either as a retrofit to an existing system or as part of a full WFP system installation. Installation is an additional £432.00 inlcuding VAT.

Give us a call on 0333 1234 365 (8am – 5pm Mon – Fri) for more information!

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