Trailer systems can offer several advantages over having a system installed in your vehicle. We can provide a range of trailers and systems to suit almost any water fed pole requirement.

Pure Freedom water fed pole trailer systems always remain a popular choice with cleaners not wishing to make the jump to a full fitted van system or where other equipment such as carpet cleaners etc. already occupy the vehicle.

We can build and fit a variety of systems to be mounted in trailers, incorporating exactly the same equipment as our full van systems as well as supplying the trailer itself.

We use brand new market leading Brenderup trailers for our systems, and always include a hard top cover.

Sizes generally range from 250 to 500 litres for one or two operators. The systems are self contained including various types/sizes of reverse osmosis and deionisation systems depending on the users' exact requirements.

Since there are so many important variables to consider when choosing a trailer system we do not offer set packages for sale on the website. Instead we request that you call us on 0333 1234 365 or email us at to discuss further with a member of our team.

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Weight500 kg


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