This controller is our most advanced radio remote. It will provide long range radio control of your system without the need to return to your van to adjust your controller. The controller even works around buildings. You can control your system with an app on your phone. This gives access to all the functions on your controller such as on, off, increase or decrease flow, autocalibrate, view TDS etc. The app allows you to create different settings for different poles. You can select on/off, Flexiflo (up down) or wash and rinse (switch between two flow rates). Whatever feature your controller has it is available at your phone. You can even check your leisure battery charge.

Supplied with a water resistant radio fob, for simple operation there is no need to get your phone out of your pocket. You can even select which features your fob controls e.g. One button to turn your controller on or off, one to turn flow up by 10, one to turn down by 10 and one to autocalibrate. Or you could choose to have one on/off and three different pole setups. The choice is yours!



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