For years the Merlin RO was the preferred chioce for many for on-demand pure water production capable of producing an average of 1.9 lpm through its two high-flow membranes.

Discontinued by Pentair Water in 2011 the Merlin has been updated and is replaced with the new PRF-RO system; a smaller, more robust RO unit without any reduction in performance.

Using the same pre-filters and RO membranes as the Merlin system, performance, reliability and ease-of-use remain core to the new PRF-RO, with other benefits, including:

  • Smaller footprint – new comapct design.
  • Low operating pressure means it works effectively with just mains pressure. – 2.76 bar / 40 psi.
  • High Recovery System means less wasted water goes down the drain.
  • Constructed of high-impact plastic for years of dependability.
  • Rated at 720 gallons per day although the unit is unlikely to produce that from mains tap water quality and pressure.

The unit incorporates two high-flow membranes elements in series to produce an average of 1.9 litres per minute of purified water, protected by an all new carbon impregnated fibredyne pre-filter delivering twice the loading capacity – up from 19000 litres to 38000 litres.

Although in most applications the PRF-RO will work from mains water pressure there may be occasions where it is necessary to fit a booster pump to improve system performance. Please see our pumps and controllers page for a suitable pump.

Full operating instructions are included – assembly required.

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