Large booster pump pack. Suitable for boosting the pressure into 4 inch reverse osmosis systems, we have used these to successfully maintain 100 psi of water pressure into HF4 RO membranes to increase water production from low water pressure, water purity increases also due to the RO running at its design pressure. Contains rotary vane brass bodied pump head, coupling to attach to the IP55 rated motor, this motor is 230 volt 50Hz 0.37 kW 3.2 amp 1370 rpm. The fittings kit allows connection to 1/2 inch hose and contains a bypass valve and glycerine filled pressure gauge. The motor will require connection to mains electricity and overload protection is recommended, look out for the DOL starter or we have automatic shut off controls available, consult a qualified electrician if you have any doubts.

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