Flowmaster Radio Remote Controller Ultimate

Joining our range of Flowmaster controllers this is the Ultimate version of our radio remote controller.

This ultimate model has all the superior pump control features of the other Flowmasters in the range with the flexibility to switch the pump on or off remotely without having to return to the controller. This gives the benefit of been able to wash a window and when finished a simple click will turn the pump off; move onto the next window, click again and the pump will start up. All this will add up to an increase in speed of working, a greater water saving that is going to enhance your earning potential. This version has a whip aerial mounted to the casing and gives a line of sight range of approx 120mts making it ideal for use in van mount and trailer systems. This controller comes complete with a M16 cable gland so you can drill a 16mm hole in your van roof and put the aerial through, meaning you can turn the controller on and off while your van doors are closed

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