A powerful and reliable static source of 100% pure water!

This unit will producearound 100 litres per hour* of deionised pure water into the 1000 litre IBCstorage tank included, and will shut-off when full by way of an electronic valve. The power supply for the auto-shutoff feature is included or alternatively a 12 voltbattery can be used.

*Measured at 50psi inlet water pressure – actual production rate could vary considerably.

The unit includes thefollowing:

2 x 20 Reverse OsmosisPre-Filters (1 x 5 Micron Sediment Filter and 1 x Carbon Block Filter)

1 x 40 Ultratec HF4 ReverseOsmosis Membrane (generally considered to be the best in the industry for this application)

1 x 6.5 Litre (6 x 18 )Deionisation Resin Filter (with Tulsion MB-115 resin included)

1 x 1000 Litre IBC tank(this tank is not brand new but is recycled )

Automatic electronic fillingshut-off with 240V to 12V power supply.

All fully assembled as inthe picture and ready to begin producing pure water!

Additional information

Weight75 kg


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