The easiest and most efficient way to begin producing pure water; these units each include 3 x 10 inch pre-filters comprising a sediment filter, a carbon block filter and a granular activated carbon (G.A.C.) filter for full membrane protection, plus 2 high quality 100 gallon per day reverse osmosis membranes.

The systems are highly efficient and in optimum operating conditions can remove upto 99% of tap water contaminants, drastically increasing the life of your DI resin filter.

The units are fully self contained and ready to go out of the box, with a 1/2″ (garden hose) inlet fitting supplied for you to plug it straight into ‘garden’ type hose and begin producing. See the following video for detailed guide to setting up one of these units:

Please note that although we only use high quality membranes, with average mains water quality, temperate and pressure the units will be highly unlikely to produce at their optimum, and therefore the GPD rating should be used as a guide only. Actual output can vary massively depending on area.

As a rough guide, for average water pressure  and quality in the UK, the 200 GPD unit will typically produce 150 to 250 litres per day. The addition of the booster pump will normally increase this amount.

In most areas these RO units will need to be operated in conjunction with a DI (Deionisation) filter to produce 100% pure water.

The systems come pre-assembled and full operating instructions are included.

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