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Deionisation Vessel, DI Resin, Filters & Cartridges

To assure the highest standard of professional window cleaning, Pure Freedom carries a complete col-lection of Deionisation and Resin products.With over 20 years experience in the pure water industry, our team of dedicated experts understand precisely what you need for seamless water filtration.

We ensure you can produce clean water for uses which may involve more than pole window cleaning. Our versatile products are also useful for fish keeping and much more.The Pure Freedom Resin vessel consists of fibreglass outer material, coupled with an interior makeup of high-density Plolythylene (HDPE) making our canisters the tested and certified solution for your professional cleaning needs. Ideal for the purification and deionisation of water, our resin vessels can be purchased in various sizes (8″ x 35″ 25 Litre + 7″ x 30″ 16.8 Litre), either empty or complete with deionisation resin. Plus, with your real-world circumstances in mind, our vessels are made to handle a maximum pressure of 10.5 bar (150 psi) and a maximum temperature of 49 °C (120 °F). Our FRP tank is the complete vessel, readily assembled to include the internal parts and a base (stand).

We sell products you can count on! As a part of our collection, Pure Freedom also offers handy accessories in case you are in need of a spare part. Included in our list of high-quality DI and Resin products include DI Vessels, Tulsion Resin, filters, cartridges and distribution system. Our quality distribution system for resin vessels comes complete with a standard head, a reinforced upper screen, durable riser tube and lower screen. Need to change the resin of your DI vessel? Look no further than the market favourite, Tulsion’s virgin deionising resin.

For whatever your water filtration needs may be, we are ready to deliver the quality you can trust immediately!Give yourself the competitive edge by supplying your company with the best equipment in the industry. Browse our website. It is full of great products (including our reverse osmosis water filtration systems) and get in touch with us today! We deliver quickly and can’t wait to be a part of your professional success.