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Fully Fitted Van Systems

All of our water fed pole van systems here at Pure Freedom are built to suit our customer’s specific needs and requirements and come fully fitted for a professional window cleaning solution. With over 25 years engineering experience, you and your insurance will have peace of mind that your complete system is fitted professionally, safely and securely. When it comes to van mounted water fed pole systems, all of our cleaning equipment is built and tested before fitting, so the window cleaning van system can be fitted, taken away and used all on the same day.

Here at Pure Freedom, we are able to fit Panel Vans, Pickups, Crewcab Vans and Trailers of all sizes with a specific sized system to suit your van’s size and carrying capacity. The window cleaning van system sizes range from 100 litre up to 1250 litre, with the option of one or multiple operator systems. Fitted with high grade stainless steel cages for quality, our systems are manufactured according to our crash tested design, fabricated and welded by our experienced engineering team.

Looking for water fed pole van systems for your business? We have a comprehensive range of pole systems for your van, please get in touch with us today for further information and to talk through your requirements with a member of staff.

We also sell a range of water fed poles and brushes without systems, check them out if you're interested.