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Pure Freedom
Fully Fitted Van Systems

  • All van systems are built to suit our customer's specific needs and requirements unlike most standard off the shelf systems.

  • All components are in stock and ready to build, with the ability to have systems ready to fit by the next day.

  • Systems sizes range from 200Ltr up to 1250Ltr, with the option of one or multiple operator systems.

  • We are able to fit Panel Vans, Pickups, Crewcab Vans and Trailers of all sizes with a specific sized system to suit your van's size and carrying capacity.

  • With over 25 years engineering experience, you and your insurance will have peace of mind that your system is fitted professionally, safely and securely.

  • We are able to carry out work on behalf of insurance companies.

  • All systems are fitted with high grade stainless steel cages made to our crash tested design, fabricated and welded by our experienced team.

  • All systems are built and tested before fitting, so the system can be fitted, taken away and used all on the same day.

  • Recently fitted systems.

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