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Telescopic poles: Join the window cleaning revolution

Telescopic poles are common in all walks of life. In the window cleaning business, it is fair to say that the introduction of the telescopic pole has been nothing short of a revolution. Health and safety; environmental risks, and water wastage have all reduced sharply, and with better results to show for it.

Telescopic poles are popular because they are adjustable in height. They can extend or retract for the window cleaner's convenience. Some of the most popular telescopic poles in window cleaning are aluminium-based. Aluminium is lighter and more durable than most other alternatives, including glass fibre, and helps the pole to keep for longer.

They are water fed, and in some cases can stretch up to 10-metres in length. They are durable and light, so the operator can clean the windows easily. Telescopic poles feature a locking cone located near the top, where squeegees and other applications can be securely attached.

Telescopic poles are useful when window cleaners find themselves cleaning conservatories, upper floor windows, solar panels, building facades, signs, and the tops of large vehicles. They allow for the cleaning of those hard to reach places from the safety of the ground, eliminating the need for a ladder or the risk of strain. Telescopic poles are often eco-friendly. The pole-fed systems generally use only purified water that should not damage the property or the local ecosystem. It is also less physically demanding on the body: as the days of buckets of water, and climbing up and down ladders have phased out.

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