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Linen Scrim-576

Linen Scrim

Standard grade linen window scrim 36" x 36", hemmed for long life.
Microfibre Cloth 80cm x 60cm-1617

Microfibre Cloth 80cm x 60cm

Suitable for use on any surface - the Microfibre cloth is a polishing cloth. 80 x 60cm. Machine Washable Double...

Scrims & Cloths for the professionals

The scrims and clothes we host at Pure Freedom are the must-haves of the window cleaning profession.

Our Linen Scrim is 100% natural linen. A strong, hard-wearing, coarse fabric; raw and rustic, and similar to hessian. This property makes it second-to-none for use in glass cleaning, polishing, and dusting -- wet or dry. The material is brilliant in combination with detergents and other cleansers. It leaves no marks or residue. For these reasons alone, the Linen Scrim is, in our opinion, one of the best window cleaning scrims available. Hemmed to ensure long-lasting use.

The Microfibre cloth is what we call 'ultra soft'. It is one of the least abrasive fabrics on the market and will not scratch paint or other surfaces and coatings. With Microfibre cloths, lint and streak-free cleaning is often obtainable without chemical cleaners. For window cleaning, even lightly wetting the cloth can produce great results. Microfibre has great longevity: it is capable of absorbing up to eight times its own weight in water. Meaning it lasts longer. It can be washed up to 400 times without losing effectiveness and cleaning potential. Microfibre cloths trap dirt and grime, as well as any other particles, with ease.  The Microfibre Glass Pads are fine-tuned for removing more stubborn dirt, and carry all the same benefits as the cloth.

The Microfibre Scrub Pad we offer is industry standard and perfect for cleaning solar panels. It is also great for interior use, particularly so-called "high traffic" parts of the house (such as a kitchen floor). The Scrub Pad's distinctive scrubbing strips enhance its performance by dragging in more water and slowing its release. Its durability and build render it capable of undergoing hundreds of laundry cycles without diminishing in quality.

If you have any questions about the scrims and clothes that we supply at Pure Freedom, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to talk to you. Drop us an email, or telephone on 0333 1234 365.