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Serious tee bars for window cleaning mastery

Also known as 'washer' bars, a great tee bar can give window cleaners that superior cleaning edge. The tee bars stocked by Pure Freedom are well regarded in the industry. You will find the most appropriate length of tee bar depending on the window cleaning operations you encounter.

All of our tee bars, no matter what the length, fit securely to their respective under poles. These tee bars snap into place on the cone of the pole. They all have a fitted, bi-component handle with finger grooves for a firm and non-slip, textured grip. They are all lightweight in design and have a 180-degree swivel control for gliding, cleansing strokes; speed and performance. And there is a non-abrasive pad located on the sides. This is particularly useful for scouring difficult substances on the glass: such as bird droppings, paint, and more. The pads make it so window cleaners will no longer have to reach for the scraper. The tee bars also have 'water wells'. These are pockets or slots in the bar itself, designed to hold extra water. They serve to keep the sleeve damp for longer periods of time. This simple, yet effective quality, can save huge amounts of time when cleaning a property.

We only supply what we use. And the tee bars here are some of the most efficient, comfortable, and reliable in window cleaning. Their nimble design allows for superior performance without causing too much strain on the arms and shoulders. While the multipurpose features are there to cut down on working time.

Choose the most appropriate tee model length based on your specifications and the job at hand. No matter how grimy a window is, these professional window cleaning tee bars are sure to see them clean. Not sure which tee bar is right for you? Then give us a call. We would love to chat, and help you come to the right answer.