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Looking for traditional window cleaning equipment? Traditional window cleaning really is a skill in its own right and can take years of practice to become a professional. If you are looking to upgrade your cleaning equipment, then make sure you shop from the best selection possible here at Pure Freedom, where you’ll find that quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness all go hand-in-hand.

Discover our expert selection of window cleaning tools including quality applicator sleeves and applicator tee bars, squeegee handles, cleaning buckets, and safety scrapers and blade products. When it comes to traditional window cleaning equipment, our traditional selection of multitools, scrims and cloths, as well as telescopic pole options has you covered.

Don’t forget to take a look through our other product pages for your window cleaning requirements. If you need any further information or if you have any questions in regards to our traditional equipment, please feel free to contact us or give us a call on 0333 009 5354.

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14" Porcupine Glove-970

14″ Porcupine Glove

14" heavy-duty, double-action washer interwoven with thousands of flexible bristles
18" Porcupine Glove-973

18″ Porcupine Glove

18" heavy-duty, double-action washer interwoven with thousands of flexible bristles. Tough on dirt, easy on glass! Please note that the...
Ettore Brass Handle-582

Ettore Brass Handle

Bright annealed brass has the advantage of lightness, strength and corrosion resistance.
Facelift Fireblade Pro Bundle 14" or 18"-1608

Fireblade Pro Bundle 14″ or 18″

Super Bargain! Exclusive PRO Bundle includes: Unger ErgoTec® RED Bucket On A Belt 14" or 18" FaceLift FireBLADE RED Squeegee...
£47.45 £44.17
Heavy Duty Warning Cone-836

Heavy Duty Warning Cone

Adequate warning signs are now a must if you have hoses trailing along the floor. These heavy duty, high visibility warning...
Linen Scrim-576

Linen Scrim

Standard grade linen window scrim 36" x 36", hemmed for long life.
Microfibre Cloth 80cm x 60cm-1617

Microfibre Cloth 80cm x 60cm

Suitable for use on any surface - the Microfibre cloth is a polishing cloth. 80 x 60cm. Machine Washable Double...