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Complete Water Tanks and Cages

Need to upgrade your professional water storage tanks for work? Look no further than Pure Freedom. We have an extensive range of portable water tanks, flat water tanks, water tanks for vans, and cages. Our cages are well made for securing your water tank into a suitable vehicle, as are our water drums for storing pure water, or for transporting pure water on your Pure Freedom Trolley.

Our water tanks for window cleaners are designed for heavy duty usage and are made from strong medium density polyethylene plastic. We have a range of sizes to suit your needs, with stock items in 125, 250, 350, 400, 500, 650 and 1000 litre water tank options. The 500 ltr water tank and the 1000l water tank are two of our most popular water tanks. Other sizes can be made up as required – please call us for information and prices. We will have the ideal van water tank, the best plastic water tanks for sale -- for your needs.

For larger quantities of water tank storage, our baffled water tanks and the IBC tank we stock are available in order to limit water movement during transportation. Out of all of our large water containers the baffled tank, for this reason, is considered one of the most ideal window cleaning water tanks.

In a stainless steel finish for premium quality and durability, you will find that our selection of cages has been developed in a range of sizes to accommodate tanks from 210 litres up to 1000 litres. Our Pure Freedom fitted van systems feature our stainless steel cages, which are manufactured with internal and external welding for added strength, and are produced according to our crash tested design. We also offer 25 litre drums, drum lids and drum holders to organise your Pure Freedom trolley requirements. Pure Freedom is the place to shop for all window cleaning systems.

Checked out the rest of our product pages for your professional window cleaning needs? Feel free to contact us on 0333 009 5354 if you’d like to discuss any of your requirements further or need more information on our water tanks.