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Complete Window Cleaning Batteries

Modern window cleaning and the use of water fed pole systems can now help to clean windows more efficiently with the use of a battery operated water pump. Water fed trolley systems require high quality batteries for a professional service - check out our range of batteries right here at Pure Freedom and see how it can help improve your window cleaning business today.

We supply the YUASA 12V golf trolley battery which is suitable for powering single operator water fed pole trolley systems and other similar applications, as well as the Platinum leisure battery which is de-signed for use with our fully fitted van systems. Our trolley battery boxes are designed to be used on our original Pure Freedom water fed pole trolleys, and this selection also includes a trolley battery box complete with wiring and battery to save you valuable time when replacing your trolley battery.

Specialising in providing advanced window cleaning supplies within the UK, we’re here to offer you high quality window cleaning equipment and expert tools at affordable prices. Whether you’re upgrading your equipment for personal or commercial use, our batteries have been specifically designed with the end user in mind.

Looking for long lasting, hard wearing yet cost-effective batteries? Have a browse through our range of window cleaning batteries below. If you require any further information or assistance regarding any of our products, please feel free to get in touch and speak to a member of our expert team.