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Glass Fibre Water Fed Poles

XTEL poles have proven themselves in the window cleaning industry for many years now to become very highly regarded for quality and durability. Supplying these glass fibre poles as standard with our water fed pole systems here at Pure Freedom, the glass fibre poles are a robust and lightweight system to add to your current cleaning equipment or to upgrade your full set up of equipment.

Constructed from Glass Fibre high quality composite material, all of these fibre glass poles are finished with an acrylic resin providing extra hard wearing capability and therefore ideal for professional window cleaners who require quality, efficient and cost-effective water systems. In a telescopic design for flexibility and reach, the XTEL glass fibre water fed poles are available to shop in various lengths from 4ft to 30ft.

With additional fittings including brush attachments, hose fittings and valves available, the XTEL water fed poles are fitted with an extra tough plastic base cap. There is a wear resistant collar at the top of the pole connecting to the 6” extension adjustable angle adaptor which provides extra reach for deep sills, which then connects to the brush. Featuring a dual left and right hand lever for versatility and precision, discover our complete range of EXTEL Ecoline at Pure Freedom.

You should find everything you need for your water fed pole systems here online at Pure Freedom, including more water fed poles that we sell here. However we welcome you to get in touch with us if you have any questions or require any additional information. We have engineers on site that can answer your questions.