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Professional Carbon Fibre Poles

To assist you with your professional window cleaning jobs, Pure Freedom have the latest selection of water fed pole products from the STREAMLINE® range. Designed in an oval profile section to reduce the wear of the sections from the clamps, the STREAMLINE® OVA-8 Carbon Fibre poles are designed with quality and efficiency at the forefront of each product.

Available in a range of lengths to suit your window cleaning requirements, these water fed poles feature telescopic handles and require less grip to control the poles for cleaning your windows. The oval design sits more comfortably in an operator’s hand and allows the tips of their fingers to sit on the flat edge. These OVA-8 poles require less grip to control the pole itself during use, whether pushing up and down on the window or moving onto the next one.

As well as the oval design of the OVA-8 telescopic pole adding more stability and control for the operator, it also enhances the safety feature of this product. Any experienced operative can tell you how dangerous and annoying a spinning pole section can be – the OVA-8 carbon fibre poles eliminate this issue. These advanced telescopic poles are available to shop in 24ft reach, 30ft, 35ft, 40ft, and 45ft reach depending on your specialist cleaning requirements.

Look no further than Pure Freedom to help enhance your professional services by using the best equipment available to you. If you’ve got a job coming up and looking to update your cleaning equipment with quality systems, you can find many items available right here.  Including much more telescopic water fed window cleaning poles and brushes over at our catalogues page. We hope you find what you’re looking for but if you need any further guidance, please ring or email us and we’ll be happy to help.