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Electric Hose Reel

AVAILABLE IN BLUE, BLACK, GREY, PINK, RED, GREEN, ORANGE, WHITE AND STAINLESS STEEL. Designed specifically for the water fed pole industry, the ReelMaster™ electric hose reel by Pure Freedom is a purpose built hose reel. Easy to install, low maintenance and built from high quality, robust materials, the ReelMaster™ electric hose comes in a variety of different units including standard or twin stacked, and with the additional option of having a swivel plate. The swivel plate option allows you to turn our ReelMaster™ and Bolt Down reels both clockwise and anti-clockwise, and is easy to fit and comes with all fittings and bolts required.

Our ReelMaster™ electric hose reel products come with an intelligent control system which includes soft start, snag detection with stall cutout, speed control, anti spooling technology and lower power consumption. Designed and manufactured in house by our engineering and development team, the ReelMaster™ hose unit truly is a professional product which will help set your pure water cleaning apart from others.

Featuring a stainless steel drive shaft for premium quality, the ReelMaster™ unit can effortlessly wind in 100m of hose in around 45 seconds. High powered with high torque motor, the ReelMaster™ by Pure Freedom comes with a fully enclosed heavy duty chain, as well as all other mechanical components being replaceable and readily available with our ex-pert service.

Thinking about investing in electric hose reel equipment for your cleaning business? Take a look at our selection of ReelMaster™ products below. If you require any further information regarding our electric reel equipment, please feel free to contact us today and we’d be happy to assist you.