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Easy to Apply Protecta-Kote Anti-Slip Coating

Cleaning professionals looking to preserve the value and longevity of their vans rely on Pure Freedom for our quality products. Our resistant Protecta-Kote waterproofing takes a few minutes to apply but adds years to the life of professional cleaning vehicles.

Time to prolong the integrity of your cleaning vans, walkways, bridges, emergency exits, load beds, trailers, trucks and much more by utilising the Protecta-Kote Anti-slip coating. At Pure Freedom, we offer everything you need to clean, abrade and mask the surface of your vehicle floor. Plus, did we mention that the non-slip finish is also excellent for coating steel, glazed tile, wood, rubber (nitrile or chloroprene), PVC, galvanised iron, fibreglass, aluminium and other types of surfaces? Customers continue to choose Protecta-kote for its toughness - excellent ability to repel water, resist corrosion/abrasions, and keep out chemicals/solvents.

Our Protecta-Kote waterproofing paint is available in four standard colours: Blue, Black, Red and Grey. To suitably maintain surfaces, coverage of 3m2 per litre per coat is recommended (Applied in a two coat application).  For high wear areas, professionals are advised to apply three coats. If you are looking to safeguard a larger vehicle or multiple vans, we also carry 4-litre size waterproofing, a cost-effective solution for your needs. Just stir the easy to use waterproof paint before as you apply it to desired areas. Apply the lining, wait twenty-four hours and enjoy the added layer of protection your business deserves.

Want to speed up the curing process of non-UVR Protectakote by up to 40%? We’ve got you covered, be sure to check out our 20ML protecta-kote accelerator sachet. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.