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Connectors and Strainers for Maximum Performance

Good hose maintenance is very important in our industry. Metaphorically speaking, hoses are like the major arteries of the body. They provide the ‘lifeblood’ for our business. So, it is important that we continue to do our best to keep our hoses delivering maximum performance and in optimal working condition. Delivering maximum performance varies in accordance with the job. In some cases, this may mean modifying the hose. Our hose connectors, for example, can be used to extend or connect two hoses together or split the same hose in different directions. They can easily be connected to taps, nozzles, sprinklers and guns – whatever is needed. All of our parts are high in quality and made out of tough, durable properties to ensure that they are watertight and do not leak. They fit quickly and easily to the hose.

Every Pure Freedom trolley comes with a strainer. They protect the hose from debris damage over the long term, but from time to time they will need replacing. So the strainers that we offer are like-for-like to the ones we dispatch with our trolleys. The protector disks that we offer are simple but incredibly effective. The aim is to keep the pole connector of the hose off the ground and away from damage. The disk bends slightly to accommodate the hose pipe, keeping it from any abrasive damage on the ground. The protector disk will add a rigidity and sturdiness to the house pipe in action. Window cleaning professionally can take a toll over time, especially if the equipment is in frequent use. The protector disks are one way of guaranteeing efficiency and longevity.

If you need further information or assistance in regards to our plastic hose connectors and fittings, please contact us: we are always happy to help, on 0333 1234 365.