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OVA-8 Carbon Poles

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  1. Hose for OVA 8 Poles - Purple Flexi 5
    Hose for OVA 8 Poles - Purple Flexi 5

    Being specially designed for the OVA8 poles, the Flexi-5™ pole tubing is lightweight and flexible, yet it has great durability for both hot and cold water

    The Flexi-5™ pole Tubing Features,

    • Lightweight
    • UV resistance
    • Flexible
    • Operating Temperature –20°C to +80°C
    • Excellent kink resistance
    • Suitable to be used with a Univalve

    Pole tubing diameter: 5mm inside (ID) to 8mm outside (OD).

    Price: £45.20
  2. Pole Holder Set-597
    Pole Holder Set
    Store your poles safely away from potential damage and tidily with our pole holder rack.
    Price: £28.50
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Carbon-based water-poles are widely popular and often regarded as the superior option for water-fed poles. We supply high-quality, durable water-fed poles from top-leading brands such as Streamline. Our carbon poles reach up to 20 metres in height, without losing any strength or usability. 

The sleek-looking design uses an oval profile section, which reduces the wear and tear of the pole clamps, the use of carbon makes the poles easy to control and rigid, making for an excellent cleaning experience. 

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STREAMLINE® OVA-8 Carbon Pole Design

The OVA-8 pole is telescopic with two flat sides adding additional stability and control when used. The flat sides subside any whipping effect or unwanted move ability increasing safety and comfort. 

Most professionals find using an OVA-8 pole requires less grip and effort to control the pole, from pushing it up and down, or holding firmly at the base. 

Each STREAMLINE® OVA-8 pole includes our adjustable nylon gooseneck, tubing, a STREAMLINE® brush, and a hose coupling of your choice!

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