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A guide to marketing your window cleaning business online.

A guide to marketing your window cleaning business online.

As a small local business it’s important to build a loyal customer base, whether that be through traditional referrals, word of mouth, canvassing, and posters, or through having an online presence on google search.

It is vital any small business has a concise plan in place and a well throughout budget when it comes to traditional and digital marketing, especially in an industry like window cleaning where there is plenty of competition.

At Purefreedom we have compiled a detailed list of marketing strategies and opportunities available to Window Cleaners and how they can apply them successfully to their business.

Window cleaning digital marketing

Creating an online presence is more than just a basic website, it needs to be consistently updated and improved, with precise content and well put together detailed website. Aside from a website there are also numerous ways small businesses drive traffic and convert that traffic into loyal customers.

Social media

Social media is a great way for window cleaners to gain customers, through targeted local two communication you can engage directly with your customer base to create a loyal following.

Joining local community boards and window cleaning groups to share industry insight and promote your business as an authority in the window cleaning profession.

Create and build your own facebook page to keep customers updated with any changes or show off about your business and the jobs you have completed through uploading images. This is a great way for businesses to search for you easily and find out any information such as business hours and contact details. Make sure to put as much information as possible on facebook to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to reach you.

Create detailed posts to preempt any question you may receive from customers and put your business in the best light possible. Use clear images of your window cleaning businesses logo and signage so customers know exactly which window cleaning business you are. A facebook business page is also a great way to direct customers to a specific website or google my business page.

Be mindful not to spam any community pages or over post on your own page as this can have the opposite effect to the one desired putting customers off your business.

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Build a website

Building a website for your window cleaning business is a great way of giving your customers a detailed place they can get acquainted with your business while also building authority and making your business feel not only legitimate but also an industry leader.

The thought of building a website for your business can be overwhelming and may sound difficult or like too much effort especially if your business is thriving without one, but it will give you a vital competitive advantage as the majority of people nowadays use the internet to find local businesses for numerous services.

Building a website these days has never been more simple, using websites such as Wix and Wordpress you create the site using pre-existing templates at a very low cost, usually paid monthly.

Now that you've selected your website provider and found a template you need to populate it, this is where most business owners run into problems, if you aren't a natural at writing, don't worry you can use google chrome add ons like Grammarly to make sure all your content is grammatically correct and flows nicely.

Another issue you may run into is finding images to use on your site, we recommend you upload your own images this way you dont run the risk of copyright infringement which can happen when you pull images randomly from other sites. Alternatively you can use free stock image sites such as unsplash and pixabay.

Google my business

In simple terms google my business page is a local business listing page operated by google, if you already have an online presence you’ll have probably used it without ever knowing. In essence it allows customers and potential customers to find you and find out important information about business with just a quick google search, best of all - it's completely free.

GMB highlights your business in google maps as operating in the area, showing your businesses name, address, opening hours, directions, services, customer reviews, links to websites, allowing potential customers to find out all important information.

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Local Seo

SEO can be confusing however it is actually very simple, it's the process of getting your website and the content on it ranking as high as possible in google search results. Basically, the higher you rank, for more clicks to your website, the more customers you get.

There are numerous plugins through website providers that can help boost your SEO ranking, such as yoast on wordpress. To give your business the best start with SEO as possible make sure all your content is unique and hasn't been copied from a similar site.

Google loves consistency on websites so make sure you have a clear call to action, the business name and contact information including address listed across the site.

Aside from using original content and images, work on general SEO such as website speed and the quality of the template used, look at the aesthetic and make sure it matches the image you want your business to portray. Keep in mind when performing SEO what does your customer want to know.

If you find yourself struggling with the basics of SEO there are numerous free tools and guides that can help you, check out the ahrefs youtube page, the Moz blog. Free seo tools will give you tips and clues on how you can improve your site. But in general make sure you write great quality pages, metadata and titles, and get specific with the areas your business covers.

Get links from other websites

Often the best way to improve your local marketing doesn't have anything to do with your website or social media. Getting your business featured on local directories such as can have a positive impact on your SEO as you are letting not only customers but also google know that you operate in that specific local area. Additionally if you can get your site linked to another high quality directory site then users can find you through the directory and your SEO will get boosted.

Don't just stop at local directories, get in contact with relevant blogs whether they be local or about window cleaning, trade organisations, magazines and the local press for links or mentions, google will love this and it will help boost your online presence massively.

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Thanks for reading.

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